craft-tutorials.com is your access point for free tutorials on a wide variety of art and craft topics. As the site grows, you can expect to find tutorials packed with useful tips and techniques as practiced by experienced craft persons.

For starters, if you fancy creating art from wood, you might want to take a peek at the Cat Intarsia tutorial. This charming kitty combines three varieties of wood with metal and gemstones to produce a unique piece of art.

Or check out the NEW Peacock Intarsia tutorial, which features a stylized peacock whose tail feathers are adorned with abalone pearl discs.

Although many do not not considered it a "craft", producing an interesting piece of computer graphics can demand many of the same mental skills as planning a piece of furniture or jewelry. In fact, this site's author has produced a number of layered prints that also require the manual skills associated with producing any piece of original artwork. If your desire is to begin honing your computer graphics skills, then perhaps the author's POV-Ray animation tutorial will help get you started. Before diving into a powerful scene-oriented animation framework, this tutorial offers an introduction to working with the free POV-Ray ray-tracing software and its underlying Scene Description Language

But, wherever your craft interests might lie, we're hoping you will eventually find a useful tutorial on Craft-Turorials.com.

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Before you head off to explore this site, the authors would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful crafts people, at the countless arts and crafts fairs we have visited, who have spent time sharing their knowledge with us. They are the inspiration for this site.